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"Just Commit"

"Just Commit"

Raise your hand if you have commitment issues!

Well, even if you can’t admit it, I think we all carry a little fear before committing to something- whether it is a large purchase or a life partner.

Four years ago this month I committed to working out regularly. Like many going into the New Year, I jumped on the “new year, new me” bandwagon and joined a CrossFit gym. It was scary!

CrossFit workouts incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training which also includes Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and such. I had never lifted weights before in my life, so this was a brand new concept to me.

It took a few months to start seeing progress, but about four months in, I was hooked! Seeing how my mind and body began to change was very rewarding.

I’ll never forget, September 2013, the first time I push jerked 95lbs over my head. It is similar to a military press, but with greater force. I was scared to try it, but determined. I pulled the bar from the ground to my collar bone, in a front rack position. It felt heavy. My next move was to push the bar up over my head, drop under it, and then stand up with the bar straight up in the air.

Hesitantly holding the bar in the front rack position, it was getting heavier the longer I stood there frozen.

“How am I going to get this over my head? It’s 80% of my body weight!”

I could hear my coach yelling at me from across the gym- “JUST COMMIT!”

Every time I questioned myself, I would fail, drop the bar and have to start over. At one point I attempted to push the bar and fell to my knees. But I got right back up and tried it again.

I had to make up in my mind to commit to the lift! With confidence and a positive pep talk with myself, I did it! I committed and I succeeded.

There’s a quote that says “Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will.”  Romans 12:2 says that we are transformed by the renewing of our mind. Even The Little Engine That Could encouraged himself, pulling the train over a mountain while repeating the motto: "I-think-I-can".

To this day, when I am facing a heavy lift, I say to myself “just commit.”

As 2016 comes to a close, whether you make resolutions or not, I believe we inevitably tend to think about things we want to do different in the New Year.

According to Google, a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something; the action of solving a problem. But to commit, is to carry out, do, perform, or to bind. When you make a commitment to something, you are dedicated and you actually DO it.

In 2017, I am making New Year Commitments.

I often wonder why January 1st has such a psychological effect on us. It’s technically just another day, but for some reason, that day always feels new to me. Like I’m starting on a clean slate and everything that happened prior to that day is truly now in the past.

Don’t go into 2017 with just a decision; go into it with a commitment.

Sometimes life pushes us to our knees. You have two options: stay down, feel sorry for yourself and give up, or stand up and try again. Whatever you commit to in 2017, don’t quit. Even if you fail, start again.

One of my favorite Bob Goff quotes says “I’d rather fail trying than fail watching.” Don't spend 2017 watching everyone else from the sidelines. Make a commitment for yourself. Renew you mind. Don’t give up. Just commit.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” 
- Oprah Winfrey

Thank you for joining me in my journal to Finding Grace...

Enjoy the journey.

Grace Journey

Grace Journey