The journey to Finding Grace is inspiration to be more refined in your daily walk.  Be free to accept God's unmerited favor and watch as your life begins to transform.

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Treat Yo'Self!

Treat Yo'Self!

There’s nothing I love more than waking up early on a Saturday morning, getting on my yoga mat (Yoga with Adriene is my go-to), followed by a cup of black coffee and a light breakfast.  I love it.  It’s literally like Christmas morning once a week.  I get so much joy out of Saturday mornings.  Except this morning was a strange exception.  I’ve been looking forward to Saturday morning ALL WEEK!  However, last night I couldn’t sleep.  With my mind full of unfruitful thoughts, I tossed and turned until 2am, at which point I rose wide-eyed at 6:30am. 

Laying in my bed frustrated and tired, I watched as the sunlight slowly crept in my bedroom.  This morning I had a choice- start my day with the same unfruitful thoughts that kept me up all night, or start my morning energized with joy.  I let my mind play with my emotions for about 30 more minutes until I had to grab hold of my thoughts and get out of bed.  “This is my absolute favorite moment of every week; don’t let the enemy steal this moment from you.” 

In a recent sermon I heard by Joyce Meyer she gave words of advice she received from her husband: 

“Do what you can do about the things in your life you can do something about.  Then when you cannot do anything about it, you cast it on God- and trust him.  It’s OKAY TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE while you have a problem!  Don’t waste another day.”

HELLO! Light bulb moment!! It’s okay to enjoy life! It’s OKAY! *take a deep breath in and exhale* It’s going to be okay…

So as I sit here in my bed with my post-yoga black coffee, I want to encourage anyone who woke up this morning with a heavy heart or a mind full of unfruitful thoughts, to find your happy place.  Take a moment for you this morning! 

This week I chose this verse that I’ve used as my mantra:

 Colossians 3:2 NIV
 “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things”

Now is your time to GET UP! LOOK UP! And find God’s grace in enjoying this moment.  Go ahead- Treat Yo’Self!

Thank you for joining me in Finding Grace.

 Enjoy the journey

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