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PURSUE by Finding Grace the Podcast is a place to inspire, encourage and unite women of all backgrounds to pursue their passions. 


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Rae Karim is an author, poet, preacher and entrepreneur based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The life experience she pours into her writings has made her highly sought after on the city's poetry and literary scenes. It is that same experience that gives Rae such an effective and powerful ministry
regardless of the age, race or socioeconomic background of her audience. As such, Rae served as pastor of Northwood Christian Church and currently serves as Chapel Director at Christian
Theological Seminary, where she received her Master of Divinity degree.  She is a fiercely devoted friend and a highly respected, active member of her community whose work ignites courage on purpose for purpose™.

You can make a donation to her newest initiative #ProjectCovered here. Learn more about this in the show episode! 



VK Press (VKP) was founded October 3, 2016 by shaVonne laKaye.  VKP values authors whose writings add sundry dimensions to the human experience while transforming society one publication at a time.  We believe our internal stories are worth sharing with the world and can be done so with sophistication and global impact.  In an ever changing society, we publish in a variety of formats including ebooks, soft- and hard-cover books, and audiobooks.

You can also check out Shavonne's podcast, Ladies Night, on iTunes, her apparel, book, blog and much more at VKPresses.com!


Episode 005: Raw Chicks


Raw Chicks Poke started as a thought, an idea with two friends and a bottle of wine. With one experience and conversation, comes a vibrant business, executing and providing the culture and cuisine of the Hawaiian Islands. 

Poke (pronounced PO-Kay) is a Hawaiian term meaning "to slice or cut" or "to section" raw fish. Check out their website, rawchickspoke.com, to learn more!


Episode 004: a 12 year journey
with Nicole Barnes

Nicole was born and raised in Indianapolis as the oldest of 3 girls. She works for a local, faith based non-profit that works as a catalyst for racial and economic justice while also serving at her church, in various ministries.

Through the trials and opposition in her life, God's hand is always on her and His redeeming power continues to take her to places she could never imagine.

She also co-hosts a podcast called WordPlay that blends entertainment and spirituality. You can subscribe to WordPlay on iTunes and Google Play. 


EPISODE 003: Maggie Daniels
LEARN MORE AT www.tryittiny.com

What is Try It Tiny?

Try It Tiny connects people to give them the opportunity to rent a tiny house or share their land with tiny house enthusiasts nationwide. Become part of a growing community by renting a tiny house or parking your tiny house on hosts’ properties.

Try It Tiny started from our dedication to help tiny house owners in need of a parking solution. Whether it's for a short or long-term stay, we aim to aggregate as many options as possible. It has quickly evolved to also engage tiny house enthusiasts and offer a way to give tiny living a try, before they buy.

Check out some of the photos below of Maggie's awesome tiny house! 


Episode 002: April Ervin
Learn more at www.aprilervin.com

April is a Spiritual Life Coach and founder of Saving Superwoman – a ministry dedicated to bringing greater peace and healing to the lives of women around the world. After more than 20 years of attempting to be “superwoman”, God prompted several monumental shifts in her life to help her understand there is only Savior and it was not her. After a series of significant health issues the Lord healed her body in unimaginable ways. April is literally a walking miracle and a present example that God’s Word never changes – He promised to “forgive all of our sins and heal all of our diseases”. The Lord did just that for April and along with way blessed her to lose over 100 lbs. in a natural, healthy way. After a financial storm that caused her to lose all of her material possessions, the Lord blessed her to learn what it means to live a life of abundance and be a good steward of His financial blessings. This summer April will share her full journey in her first book: “A Divine Storm: My Journey of Losing It all for the Restoration of My Soul.”

The Lord stepped in and transformed April’s life in 7 core areas: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Nutritionally, Financially and Sexually. Through her journey with the Lord she emerged God’s complete and perfect creation. Perfection not in man’s eyes but in the eyes of her Creator. Being blessed to have her entire life completely transformed, April has dedicated her ministry towards helping other women be blessed with the same.

April provides private one-on-one coaching, group coaching and conducts Saving Superwoman Retreats. All with the purpose of helping her clients learn what it has taken decades for her to learn: God never intended for us to live unhealthy, unhappy, hectic, chaotic, stressful lives – but joyful, peaceful, happy, calm, contented lives of purpose. Most importantly that it is really is ok to put YOURSELF FIRST. The Lord asks that we all practice unconditional love and the first love after God must be LOVE OF SELF – “love others as you love yourself”.

If you are ready to live the life you truly deserve reach out to April. She would love to help you along your journey of receiving God’s best in every aspect of your life. YOU MOST Certainly DESERVE IT!  


Episode 001: Hazel Owens
Learn More at www.hazelowens.com

Hazel is a native of Northwest, Indiana, currently residing in Indianapolis, IN. Hazel worked in Corporate America for 7 1/2 years before leaving to work in her area of passion. She has a passion for empowering, inspiring, and mentoring young girls and women. Through her personal life experiences this passion for girls and women has developed into a calling on her life.

She started a blog, “Coco’s Couch”, in 2011 while awaiting to start graduate school. She shortly set the blog aside to focus on her studies. Through some extreme life challenges, and going on a journey of healing through spiritual counseling, Hazel’s passion to help girls and women began to burn with intensity. She re-launched her blog in January 2014 with a new message and tagline: “Coco’s Couch: Embracing & Empowering Perfectly Imperfect Women”.

Since the re-launch of the blog, Hazel has reached thousands of men and women via her social media platforms, speaking engagements, and radio and television appearances with her underlying “perfectly imperfect” message. Hazel’s vision is to see a world where women exude gentleness, grace, and confidence from a place of wholeness and love impacting generations to come.  She aims to inspire and empower individuals (especially women) to embrace their perfect imperfections by seeing themselves through the lens of Christ.

PURSUE hosted it's first event!

PURSUE by Finding Grace had it's first small group meeting where we were able to cut 25 pairs of shoes for Sole Hope!


Sole Hope helps create jobs and shoes for people in Uganda, Africa. You can learn more about this awesome organization at www.solehope.org.